Call: 831 038 8570

Call: 831 038 8570

Our Clients

It is our honour to have worked in the presence of

  • Dr. M. Balamurali Krishna
  • Ustad Amjad Ali Khan
  • Dr. L. Subramaniam
  • Dr. Sonal Mansingh
  • Jesudas
  • S.P. Balasubramanyam
  • Kannada actor Dr. Rajkumar
  • Girish Karnad
  • M.S. Sathyu and many more

We have also had the pleasure of working with reputed International Institutes like ABHINAVA, PAMPA of USA and many others in different parts of the world, who have all enthusiastically praised us not only about the Quality of Recording and our Skill in Editing & Mastering, but also the warm atmosphere and service.

Our other clients

It has been our pleasure to have undertaken the task many a time of broadcasting commercials through various private and government owned FM Channels. Our clients include the Karnataka Milk Federation, Karnataka Handlooms, Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilizer belonging to the popular UB Group, Reebok India, Vasu Agarbathies in Mysore, Deepam Silks International, Alcatel Business Systems, DATANET Systems, BAEHAL Software Ltd., which is a subsidiary of Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd., St. John Medical College, Income Tax Department, IGNOU FM channel, Aurko music band and many others.


  • Working here is a pleasure. Thank you for all the cooperation. May you continue in the service of Sarswathi- Goddess of Arts. - Ms Sonal Mansingh renowned danseuse -
  • Very good studio, great acoustics and is always pleasure working here - Pt Kumaresh -
  • Enjoyed recording. Looking forward to come here - Ustad Amjad Ali Khan -
  • Great pleasure working in your studio. Thanks for everything - Dr L Subramaniam -