Call: 831 038 8570

Call: 831 038 8570

Services offered by Prabhath include

  • Recording
  • Advertisements
  • Video Services
  • Broadcasting


Perhaps Prabhath is the first Sound Studio in Karnataka which started catering to the Audio needs of individuals as well as Religious, commercial and social organizations, Educational and other institutions, Corporate sectors, Dramatic associations, Film industry, by way of undertaking their projects be it bringing out commercial albums, or music for Dance/Dramas, advertisements, Documentaries, music for TV serials. From the days of analogue recording in late sixties when the recording was done on single (stereo) track on conventional Spool tape till the Digital Age when the recording is being done on multi tracks through Digital Audio Work Station, the crux remains the same - High quality Recording & Excellent Service and most important customer satisfaction.

Editing is an art by itself and Prabhath has had mastered this art all along right from physically cutting & splicing at invisible marks on the conventional spool tapes till Non destructive multi track editing stage. Not just high quality of recording would suffice but it should be followed with intelligent editing, right mixing/Mastering which would play a vital role in making the project superior. That is just what Prabhath does.

Right from the source where sound emanates from the vocal cord or from a musical instrument, the quality of signal which passes through chain of various electronic gadgets should never be compromised at any point. This requires very high quality gadgets and components all through besides scientifically designed acoustic treatment. Prabhath takes care of each and every point including musician comforts while they are performing.


Skits, episodes, commencing from the stage of conceptualization, composing lyrics & tunes, text organizing Musicians, Music Directors, singers/voice-over, and most important Post Production work, till Creative & Effective advertisements are just ready for the purpose of broadcast either on Radio or through any outdoor media like playing at exhibitions/conference/work shops/Shopping Malls/Restaurants or any other venues. Even the media planning and execution for Radio broadcast are being taken care of. Similarly for Ad film productions, clients are being offered a full package including Creative concepts, Screenplay, Audio and main Production work like organizing the artistes, models, creative directors, cameramen, editors, light designers, props designers, make up and hair stylists, location hunting etc. and last but not least Post Production work. As in the case of Radio, the media planning and execution of these Ads over Television channels are also being taken care of.

Video Services

Prabhath studios offer premium quality service in both audio and visual media. Our experienced and trained group of professionals conceptualize, create and design television ads, documentaries etc. Our state-of-the-art digital technology ensures glitch-free post-production, sharp visual effects and smooth merging of voice as well as music tracks, thus ensuring a complete digital video experience for our valued clients.

Our Video Production services include

  • Television advertisements
  • Documentaries
  • Corporate documentaries

It has been a pleasure to have undertaken the task many a time of broadcasting commercials through various private and government owned FM Channels. To name a few, The Karnataka Milk Federation, Karnataka Handlooms, MCF of UB Group, Reebok, Vasu Agarbathies, Mysore, Deepam Silks International, Alcatel Business Systems, DATANET Systems, BACHAL Software Ltd., a subsidiary of Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd., Income Tax Department, IGNOU FM channel and many others.

Our Team

We idealize, conceptualize and create industry-specific documentaries such as educational documentaries, those catering to the banking sector and corporate films.


At Prabhath, we stand firm with our clients; we guide them right from the conceptualization to the launch and broadcast of their productions on either Radio or television channels, we design the budget dependent media planning for each sector; and provide valuable advice to maximize the relevance, recall and effectiveness of the advertisement. At Prabhath, we deliver.


  • Working here is a pleasure. Thank you for all the cooperation. May you continue in the service of Sarswathi- Goddess of Arts. - Ms Sonal Mansingh renowned danseuse -
  • Very good studio, great acoustics and is always pleasure working here - Pt Kumaresh -
  • Enjoyed recording. Looking forward to come here - Ustad Amjad Ali Khan -
  • Great pleasure working in your studio. Thanks for everything - Dr L Subramaniam -